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The world's largest container ship has completed its maiden voyage from China to Europe

Issuing time:2019-08-21 09:56

The world's largest container ship, the MSC Gulsun, has completed its maiden voyage from Asia to Europe, the company said on Monday.

According to AIS ship tracking data, the Mediterranean MSC Gulsun arrived in Bremen, Germany, after completing a voyage from northern China.


MSC Gulsun is the first of 23,000 new TEU + class ships to be added to the company's global fleet in 2019-2020. 10 other ships of this class have been ordered by MSC.

MSC Gulsun was built at Samsung Heavy Industries' Geoje shipyard in South Korea and delivered in July. MSC Gulsun is said to be setting a new standard in container transport, especially in environmental performance.

The MSC Gulsun is about 400 metres long and over 60 metres wide and has a record loading capacity of 23,756 TEU.

This new class of ships is designed with environmental, efficiency, stability and safety considerations in mind. One feature is the shape of the bow, which aims to improve energy efficiency by reducing hull drag.

What's more, ships have the least wind resistance, resulting in lower fuel consumption. In addition, the ship can be connected to shore power, enabling it to take advantage of the port's local power supply.

The company said the MSC Gulsun has improved energy efficiency and fuel economy, ensuring that the MSC can meet the 2030 international environmental policy targets set by the UN's international maritime organization (IMO) ahead of schedule. Between 2015 and 2018, the co2 emissions per tonne of cargo from the MSC fleet have increased by 13%.

To comply with Marine fuel regulations due to be introduced in 2020, the ship is also equipped with a United Nations' international maritime organization (imo) approved mixed-scrubber and has the option of switching to low-sulfur fuels or being used for liquefied natural gas in the future.

MSC Gulsun and its 10 sister ships are also designed to meet the next step in digital shipping by supporting fast data transfer to shore and smart container connections.

Samsung heavy industries will deliver six new ships, while his compatriot daewoo shipbuilding and ocean engineering (DSME) is building five more.

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